Sharpen all of my kitchen knives!

Posted by marcos marcos on Thursday, May 26, 2016 Under: In Kitchen
I recently bought this to sharpen all of my kitchen knives which had gone dull over the years. At first, I didn't think it worked too well. But then I went to the Edgeware website and watched their YouTube video on how to use it, and realized that you may have to pull the knife throught the sharpener up to 10 times to get it sharp. (I was initially only pulling it through a couple times.)

After pulling through the knives about 5 times, the knives did indeed get very sharp. For my knives, I pulled them through the "course" side 5-6 times, then through the "fine" side about 4 times. Seemed to work well for me.

Another tip I learned by watching Edgeware's YouTube video, was to set the sharpener on the edge of the counter at a 45 degree angle. (That's apparently what the v-shaped groove is for on the bottom of the sharpener.) When the sharpener is on the edge, you can pull the knives straight through and down without worrying about hitting the countertop and scratching it or breaking the tip off your knife.

Lastly, I'm not sure why some reviewers say that this only works on small knives. I used it on small knives, as well as all of my larger chef style knives. The process is exactly the same no matter the size of the knife. So it should work the same, and indeed it worked just fine on all of my small and large knives.

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