University Life Made Easier with the Best Microwave

     I left home at the age of 18 to go abroad to pursue my tertiary studies. Food has always been one of the strongest factors which cause me to feel homesick often. I would say that life in university would be a lot tougher if I hadn't mustered enough courage to invest in one of the best microwave for myself three years ago.

     The first dish I cooked when I brought myself the microwave oven home was pasta. I have to admit that it was difficult to look for the ingredients I once used when I was at home, but using alternative ingredients for my long-missed pasta using the microwave oven was sufficient to relieve my feeling of homesick. 

     With a microwave oven at home, I even began eating healthy diets. In order to make good use of the vegetable steamer that came with the oven, I made it a habit to steam cabbages to eat as snack whenever I felt like munching something.

                       I'm a Single Guy Wanting to Buy an Oven

     I'm a single guy living in a bachelor house. I needed to get a new toaster but I really don't need a complicated pricey oven. My best friend girl told me to checksome toaster oven reviews. That is a sound advice. I do need to get one that is not above my small budget.

     I was thinking of getting a bread toaster only but I might need something else to cook a good dish real fast. I could roast sweet potatoes, warming leftover pizza and baking up a couple of cookies. Yes, I do happen to like baking cookies. So don't go over here saying it is not a manly thing to do.

     Before my housemate moved out I always rely on his Black & Decker oven which was pretty cool and very efficient. He actually bought it at a thrift shop. Then he decided to change job and relocated to Philly; bringing the much beloved oven with him. So now I'm stuck with a decision on choosing my own toaster oven.